Over the past decade, Andrea Gibbs has helped to bring hundreds of stories to the stage through Barefaced Stories.

“With such varied material, that involves participants wearing their proverbial hearts on their sleeves, it’s vital that Gibbs cultivates a safe and respectful environment. No easy feat in such a large room, but she’s a master at this game and it seems to come effortlessly. She commands the stage – you know who’s boss – but her stage presence is honest and she’s relatable. Gibbs makes the audience feel like they’re a community. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?”

Honesty is at the heart of successful storytelling, SeeSaw Magazine 2021

Gibbs is what you call ‘a doer’, a jill of all trades, and storytelling is at the heart of it all:

Co-founder of Barefaced Stories

Broadcaster @ ABC Radio

Creator of The Chin Wagon

Maker of Think Back Stack

Actor & Voice Over Artist @ MCA

“Stories bring us closer together. And they are what we leave behind”

Andrea Gibbs, TEDxPerth