One memorable story is worth a thousand business cards.
— Andrea Gibbs

Storytelling is one of the biggest buzz words in business right now, but how many people are actually doing it well?

American Psychologist Carl R Rogers said, “That which is most personal is most universal.” The most effective stories are honest stories that are presented in a meaningful way. I enjoy pushing people to be authentic and transparent in their approach to storytelling.

Stories are more than just a sales tool. Stories help clients to better understand a company’s work or product, they connect employees to one another and to management, and they give a voice to those who don’t always have one.

Whether I am on the stage, in the studio, or coaching speakers for TEDxPerth; stories are at the heart of what I do every day.

Through TOLD WELL, I share my practical approach to crafting great stories, including giving clients insights on:

• Our Brain on Stories - The science behind why we need to tell stories

• Story Frameworks – The story structures that offer the most impact and easy engagement

• 5 Tips to Nailing a Killer Story – Things you can use to make your stories pop right away.

TOLD WELL provides workshops, shows and training sessions on how to create compelling narrative in your business.  Whether you're looking for an engaging keynote speaker, a storytelling workshop for you team or personal storytelling coaching I can help. Please visit for more info. 

Clients have included:
Mental Health Commission, TedX Perth, Bankwest, Chevron, Country Arts WA, Country Arts Network, Central Institute of Technology, Curtin University, City of Vincent, City of Gosnells, City of Joondalup, City of Wanneroo, City of Bunbury, Pehnros Ladies College, St Stevens School, St Mary’s, Perth Modern School, Albany Creative, Scitech, Southern Edge Arts, St John of God, Propel Youth Arts, COPMI (Children of Parents with Mental Illnesses), Fremantle Arts Centre.

What people are saying:

Andrea is a natural teacher, a facilitator of knowledge; she is passionate about her subject - helping people express their story with confidence - telling their story. As a retired Senior Lecturer at Curtin University Graduate School of Business, a qualified industry trainer, assessor and former CEO of a training and development company I have witnessed many people teach - Andrea is amongst the bestI have experienced
— Pene Walsh, workshop participant
Andrea is particularly skilled and guiding and supporting participants show are sharing difficult experiences as she creates a safe and respectful environment; sets clear boundaries for narrative contentand expression; is sensitive to people’s feelings; is open-minded, honest and humorous at the right moments
— Pui San Whitaker, Assistant Director or Strategic Policy Mental health Commission.
Andrea delivered a truly amazing 50 min speech to our students years 9 – 12. The students were in hysterics whilst also gleaning the message of respecting self-worth and sticking true to their personal values. Staff commented they had never seen such an immediate positive impact on the students
— Max Leech, Head of Year coordinator, Penrhos College