Hi, I'm Andrea.  I am the co-founder & director of Barefaced Stories, a comedian, actor and the host of 'Weekends with Andrea Gibbs' on ABC digital radio across Australia.  

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"One of the most exciting, funny, unique and talented comic performers I've had the good fortune to stumble upon"


Storytelling is at the core of everything I do. It has the power to connect us, entertain us, move us and... more importantly, it makes us all feel less alone in the world.

In 2010, Barefaced Stories came to life. Partnering with Kerry O’Sullivan we have delivered sell-out events all over Australia and NZ.  Our unique storytelling workshops, corporate shows and professional development training is top notch and something that

Combining coaching, comedy and storytelling skills, I teach people how to mine their lives for story-worthy material and turn it into gold. 

"Everyone has a story – you must learn how to tell it."


Whether you want to be entertained or are ready to step out of your comfort zone, I hope to inspire you to share and really connect with those around you.